What is the Best Compactor to Buy?

The best compactor for you depends entirely on your needs and the needs of your business. You wouldn’t buy a large skip compactor if you were working from home; equally you wouldn’t opt for an in-bin compactor for a large construction site. In this way, what is best is circumstantial.

Let’s say you work out of a small shop, running a lucrative business selling handmade jewelry that requires you to use a fair amount of construction and packaging materials. The workshop out back is not a particularly spacious area and because of this, the waste material piles up. Certainly, this is no cause for a large skip, but it might help to invest in the MT240 in-bin compactor – useful for creating space in your wheelie bins and decreasing typical waste volume by up to 85%. With a safe two-hand operation system, the MT240 fixes to your bin and uses a galvanised pressure plate to squash waste down. The result of this is a cleaner working environment, fewer bin collections, and more time saved.


Of course, it may well be that you have need of a skip compactor. Maybe there are a string of festivals coming up and the anticipation of a lot of attendees means the potential for a lot of waste. A portable compactor could come in handy in this instance. The Model APK skip is such a compactor. Capable of containing up to five tonnes of waste material, including wet and food waste, the APK boasts a high thirty-seven tonne compaction force and a fully sealed, heavy duty rear discharge door with a lock system to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Perhaps your business is based within a large warehouse, dealing in the sale and distribution of home furniture. Your outgoing waste may pile up if you’re dealing in large quantities of packaging and documentation. A static compactor could solve this conundrum and reduce high volumes of packaging waste dramatically. The DuraPac CB2100 is the largest in its series, ideal for dry waste such as cardboard, paper and plastics. In a warehouse environment, this compactor is a mainstay, providing safe and easy loading without hassle. The CB2100 also has a built-in power pack for security and safety, as well as a vandal proof main control panel enclosure.