What is the Best Compactor for an Office?

In busy office environments, recyclable materials can pile up. There may be excess paper, plastic, and cardboard that needs disposing of. With all this to keep on top of – frequent skip or bin pick-ups, rearranging materials to fit into bins – it can have an effect on the output of work you actually need to focus on.
A waste compactor can cut down on this constant travel, reduce CO2 emissions from skip haulers, and save time on labour so staff can get back to what matters.

Making the right choice

But which compactor is best for an office? This depends on the amount of waste your office is producing. The RC1100 660-1100 litre bin compactor stands as an example of a machine that saves space and manages waste effectively, reducing the volume of typical waste by 85%. This compactor would suit an office with a relatively low number of waste traffic.
Another bin compactor that saves on space and handles materials common to office environments such as paper and cardboard is the MT240 which can hold up to 240 litres.


Compactor or Baler?

The distinction between compactor and baler is worth note when looking for what suits your needs. The two types of machines serve similar purposes but not the same function.
Where compactors deal more in general waste – this being a mix of paper and recyclables, cardboard, food and more – balers are used to accumulate a large quantity of the same material type in order to make ‘bales’ that can be collected and recycled properly.
For example, the MK700 Twin baler features the use of two compartments in which to dispose of recyclable materials. It could hold PET in one chamber and cardboard in the other, though since the aim is to segregate specific materials for recycling, you couldn’t mix the two together.

Top down view of the MK700 Twin shows a large grey device placed over the middle of its top. The device is adorned with different coloured buttons. To the left, cardboard can be seen inside the machine; to the right, plastic can be seen in the machine.
MK700 Twin

When looking for what is best for your specific office, it may be more beneficial to invest in a baler if you find your waste comprises mostly of specific recyclable materials. However, if your output consists of a mix of materials that tend to pile up throughout the week or month, a compactor may be a smarter option.