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RC1100 660-1100 Litre In Bin Compactor

Save Significantly On Your Waste Collection.

A high performance in bin compactor, designed to save you space and money!

Key Features

  • Reduces bin numbers from up to 5 to 1, saving thousands
  • Typical volume reduction by 85%
  • Waste bin compactors available for 660, 770 and 1100L bins
  • Protects bin wheels/castors by lifting the bin from the floor
  • Eliminates damage to the waste bins shell unlike other models
  • Sold in over 63 countries around the world
  • Heavy-duty design, proven long life
  • Low power consumption
  • Autocycle down and return
  • Fast cycle times
  • Safe, comfortable loading
  • Push-button controls
  • Safe bin latch system & interlocks
  • Two-handed control for safe operation
  • In or outdoor installation
  • Space-saving design – small footprint
Compactor Type
Waste Material
Cardboard / Paper, DMR / Recyclables, General Waste
Weekly Volume

The Strautmann BinPress range of compactors are high quality, German built machines, designed to be safe, fast and easy to use.

Giving a typical 85% volume reduction on mixed waste, our waste bin compactors will help you reduce the number of bins that you fill, saving you both space and costs.

Models are offered for 660, 770 and 1100 litre wheelie bins. Machines can also be supplied with optional galvanising for all weather use and washing down, if they are situated outdoors.

The BinPress range features a number of labour-efficient, patented systems that guarantee a long working life and lowest lifetime costs.

Compaction of residual waste is becoming more and more important due to increasing disposal costs. Strautmann residual waste presses reduce your disposal costs and allow for more space in your bin!

Residual waste press machines are suitable for any business that have scheduled waste bin collections and essentially, the greater the number the bins you have the more you stand to save.

How does it work?

The pressing process begins by two-hand operation after the bin is placed in the machine.

The roll container press is equipped with fixing arms to hold the larger containers securely, lifting the bin from the ground during the compaction cycle ensures there is no pressure on the wheels during the pressing process, avoiding damage to the bin wheels and base. As a result, the containers retain their long life and aren’t damaged through the process, unlike our competitors equipment.

This is an excellent innovation to reduce your total waste costs and increase site waste capacity.

In Summary

  • Proven German manufacturer
  • Heavy duty design, proven long life
  • Typical volume reduction by up to 85%
  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet running
  • Auto cycle down and return
  • Fast cycle times
  • Safe, comfortable loading
  • Push button controls
  • Safe bin latch system & interlocks
  • Two handed control for safe operation
  • In or outdoor installation
  • Space saving design – small footprint

  RC1100 RC660/770
Power supply 230V, 50Hz 230V, 50Hz
Electrical power 1.5kW 1.5kW
Machine weight 450kg 440kg
Transport dimensions (L x W x H) 1587 x 1026 x 1703mm 1587 x 1026 x 1683mm
Height 1893mm 1894mm
Width 1278mm 1278mm
Depth 1587mm 1587mm

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Estimated Weekly Volumes

Based on a 50kg per m3 material density
Visual Size Guide
1100L bin
55kg approx.
8 yard skip
300kg approx.
16 yard skip
600kg approx.
40 yard skip
1500kg approx.