Looking to Buy a Baler?

There are a few elements to consider when buying a baler. You need to determine the reason you’re looking to invest in one, how much space you have on your premises, whether it is more economically viable to rent a baler on a weekly basis, or to buy one outright. A big factor to consider is how much waste you’re producing, what that waste consists of and, based on this, which model would be the most effective for your needs.

We offer a wide range of baler models for different purposes, ranging from the processing of cardboard to plastic. These come as horizontal, vertical, automatic, twin ram, mid to mill size, or multi-chamber balers. With such a wide range, the trick is knowing which to go for.

Often the reasons for investing in a baler are particular to the individual. You may want to cut down on time spent by staff or yourself manually disposing of waste material, or money spent on a high frequency of pick-ups for this material to be transported to recycling plants.

So which baler should you go for? This depends on the environment you’re intending on placing it. For example, let’s say you have a large warehouse that you’re consistently disposing of cardboard waste from but due to the size of the warehouse, it takes a while to walk from the area you’re producing waste in to the other end of the building where the baler is. In a scenario such as this, an option that could prove fruitful is the Strautmann AutoLoadBaler, which features a cart that can be taken to different areas and loaded with cardboard, thereby minimising the number of journeys needed from one are to the other.


Or perhaps you’re working in an enclosed environment with limited room. It’s possible you could be producing a fair amount of polythene waste that may take up much more space than necessary. A vertical mini baler may prove a bright solution for you. We offer a range of Strautmann’s mini balers which can hold up to 60kg of baled materials. These are great for freeing up space and reducing the number of skips you fill by 90%.
Then again, you may find your large construction site produces more waste than you can deal with. With a multi-chamber baler, it’s simple and easy to dispose of multiple types of materials at the same time.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got it covered with our broad baler selection, with details such as how much each baler is to rent per week, what material can be recycled, how heavy a bale they can produce, the weekly volume of bales to expect, and much more.

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