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Styropactor Mini

KBM's medium size Styropactor, suited to recyclers, retailers and industrial producers.

Key features

  • Built in Denmark by Europe’s leading manufacturer of EPS recycling machinery
  • Spares and support readily available
  • Choice of 3 motor sizes/single or 3 phase
  • Fully galvanised and can be used indoors or out, on wet or dry material
  • Mobile on castors
  • Has integral shredding fingers and a patented screw/comb design that reduces the risk of blockages and meltdowns

The KBM Mini is a high performance, medium throughput briquetting press with a choice of 3 models that compact between 15-45kg of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) per hour into blocks weighing 175-350kg/m3. This equates to up to 60 fish boxes per hour.

With its compact footprint, it is ideal for sites where volumes are high but space is limited.

This machine is suited for recycling companies, industrial producers and municipal waste collection sites.

It is fully galvanised and fitted with robust, locking wheels so it can be moved around easily when required.

The machine is simple to use and, dependent on model choice, can handle both wet and dry EPS.

The feed opening (400 x 780mm) handles medium to large sizes of material and the vertical feed means any length may be loaded. An optional interlocked lid allows users to fill the hopper, close the lid and leave the machine to run safely, and automatically shutdown after a pre-set time period.

All KBM machines feature a unique, integrated pre-crush system.

Inside the feed chamber, the auger screw is fitted with cutting knives that shred the EPS as it is compacted. This system increases throughput and reduces jamming, melting and breakdowns. The auger screw is also fitted with a patented double flight system that ensures it spins straight, even when under full load.

This design reduces wear, avoids the need for additional bearings and supports on the auger, and significantly increases the lifespan of the motor and gearbox.

In Summary

  • Proven Danish manufacturer since 1978 – largest in Europe
  • Heavy duty design, proven long life
  • Energy efficient 1.5/2.2/4kW motors
  • Compacts up to 45kg per hour
  • Large infeed aperture for vertical feed
  • Mobile
  • Optional interlocked lid with auto shut down
  • Patented auger screw design reduces wear and breakdowns
  • Fully galvanised
  • Crushing only function – fills bags with loose fill packaging
  • Interlocked lid – encloses compaction hopper and safe auto shut down of machine
  • Exit tray – enables break off of briquettes at a consistent length for stacking
  • Tub for for the exit tray – collects all debris from compaction and eject process
Mini 1-phase Mini 1F – 3Phase Mini 3-phase
Capacity 15-20kg per hour 15-20kg per hour 35-45kg per hour
Capacity (fish boxes) 23-30 boxes per hour 23-30 boxes per hour 50-60 boxes per hour
Wet boxes? No Yes Yes
Compacted block density 175-225kg/m3 250-350kg/m3 250-350kg/m3
Electrical power 1.5kW, 1ph, 230v/50Hz 2.2kW, 3ph, 400v/50Hz 4kW, 3ph, 400v/50hZ
Feed aperture 400 x 780mm  400 x 780mm  400 x 780mm
Length 2200mm 2200mm 2900mm
Height 1600mm 1600mm 1600mm
Width 630mm 630mm 630mm

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Estimated Weekly Volumes

Based on a 50kg per m3 material density
Visual Size Guide
1100L bin
55kg approx.
8 yard skip
300kg approx.
16 yard skip
600kg approx.
40 yard skip
1500kg approx.