Parfetts generate £15k PA profit with simple solution from Compact and Bale

Mill Size Balepress 53 Baler

Parfetts, the successful midlands local retailer which owns Go, GoLocal and Gold, stands to generate a minimum of £15,000 per annum at one distribution site from the installation of a new mill size baler from Compact and Bale.

Mill Size Balepress 53 Baler
Mill Size Balepress 53 Baler

The supplier of food, drinks and tobacco that has grown steadily since 1980, is very interesting and unique in that it is employee owned and yet very similar to many suppliers that rely on its warehousing operation that produces significant quantities of cardboard every day.

Prior to being contacted by Compact and Bale’s regional Business Development Manager, Dan Windibank, Parfetts were spending £5,000 per annum disposing of their cardboard and stand to gain £10,000+ from the sale of cardboard bales at current rates.

If you are a warehouse or distribution centre and produce volumes of cardboard, plastics and other materials, contact Compact and Bale for a free waste audit to see how you can improve your businesses environmental sustainability, reduce costs and profit from your waste.

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