London Baler Installed With Plastic Collections

Refurbished Strautmann PowerPack 1207

Compact and Bale (C&B) have installed yet another baler to a warehouse, this time in London. This customer provides beverage keg deliveries and collections to pubs and bars across the South and produces significant volumes of plastic films.

The plastics films produced are normally a challenge to recycle, being mostly black, which most recycling companies don’t like to offer rebates for due to it not being one of the easier commodities to sell on. C&B’s solution however will not only see the business obtaining a significant saving to its waste disposal costs but will also be generating a contribution the company’s bottom line from the purchase of their black and clear films. This is based on half load plastic collections (approx. 11 tonnes or 24 bales).

Refurbished Strautmann PowerPack 1207
Refurbished Strautmann PowerPack 1207

To make this possible we installed one of our refurbished Strautman PowerPack 1207 balers which comes inclusive of servicing and warranty. This is a mill size baler to ensure payloads are high, storage requirement on site is kept low and transport costs are at their minimal.

This ensures our client can now downgrade or remove entirely their 40 yard rollonoff, which was previously used to hold their films and was on a regular collection, resulting in a high annual transport bill but disproportionate tonnage.

The client also benefits from increased environmental sustainability, with C&B’s transparent collection and reporting service. This combined solution also increases the businesses environmental sustainability with the reduction in its emission footprint. The business can now evidence what happens to their waste from the point of production right through to its use within manufacturing. Recovering a limited resource, saving on energy, water and preventing the use of virgin materials.

A simple solution with wide-ranging impact!

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