International Japanese fast food chain considers compactor options, opts for Compact and Bale!

RPK Wet Waste Compactor

A very well known Japanese fast food restaurant recently opted for a second and upgraded compactor from Compact and Bale. This model has been installed at their distribution Centre in London which supplies all of the chains restaurants in the area.

This waste solution will predominantly hold food prep waste will be incinerated for energy, powering homes and business

The new model will see this particular clients site saving £80,000 on its waste disposal during the initial term. The machine itself will comfortably continue on for 4 x the term, providing a potential saving in excess of £320,000 during its lifetime.

RPK Wet Waste Compactor saving £320,000 during its life

The business originally opted for a AS10 hand fed skip compactor, which is smaller in size and was consistently achieving the legal maximum payload of 6 tonnes. However the business operationally and financially stood to gain by upgrading to a larger RPK20 after 1.5 years due to the continued and successful growth of the business. With Compact and Bale’s no quibble approach to supporting its clients, the machine was upgraded and exchanged in December during the clients peak period, with no operational downtime.

The new compactor will consistently provide 12 tonne payloads, which are again the legal maximum for this larger size waste machine, allowing the business to take advantage of significant savings on transport.

In addition, the bin tipping solution was provided free of charge and will save the business an additional £20,000 in labour per annum.

If your business is disposing of its waste in bins, skips or even compactors, speak with us today to ensure you have the best value solution available on the market.

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