What is the Best Baler for Bad Weather?

Back view of the grey CB65X baler. Two bright green panels can be seen at the back of the machine to the right.

When you have work to do but it’s pouring with rain, the last thing you need is to be standing stock still outside, soaked from head to toe, loading a vertical baler with a small loading aperture / feed chamber, only to spend more time watching the process of baling than actually loading the baler. What is the solution in cases such as these, and how can you take back those valuable hours and put them towards something more constructive? In this article, we will be exploring the best in baling technology when it comes to saving time and staying dry!

The Durapac CB65X is a beast of a model and one of our best-sellers. With a continuous feed and use of 65 tonnes of press force, this model operates on automatic and produces 2-3 bales per hour, each able to hold around 12 full pallets of plastic crates – so contrary to needing to stand in the rain and wait for the cycle to finish, you will actually be hard pressed to keep up with this particular baler!


If your premises has a wide, open area for a hefty piece of machinery, the CB65X is an ideal addition to a business producing a large amount of consistent waste. With its 2000 x 1100 x 1100mm feed chamber with 2.42m³ capacity (plus the hopper on top), what was once a daunting and perhaps overwhelming task to general staff (who need to be on top of their own work instead of risking a bad cold or worse from prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions) becomes a breeze. The CB65X will do double the work in half the time, saving you around 75% in labour efforts. With all of this in mind, the key question then becomes: what would reducing your baling labour costs by as much as 75% save you each year?