The power of Strautmann recycling balers – Questions to consider

The power of Strautmann

Is your equipment unreliable?

Do your team spend too much time loading your waste machines?

Are your staff complaining about how long it takes to tie off bales or how long it takes to use your existing baler?

Do you manually handle or double handle your cardboard waste before baling or disposing of it?

Do you pay for your disposal or are receiving a free of charge collection?

Perhaps you receive a rebate for your material but are you obtaining the maximum value you can achieve?

How much power is your baler using? did you know you can obtain a baler that would cut the power consumption in half?

Is it CE marked, built to the latest safety standards, is it built with sufficient safety features to protect your employees?

Is sufficient enough, do you not operate to best practices?

How much are you paying for baler repairs and maintenance?

Why would you use a clunky, difficult to use machine that takes excessive time and effort to produce a bale when there are balers that make it exceptionally easy?

The easier the baling process is for your operatives, the less effort required, the more likely it is your recycling operation is going to be a consistent success for the business.

For answers to the above questions, see our baler page for great Strautmann innovations and select the appropriate recycling baler to find out more.