The cost of disposing of liquids

Ludden & Mennekes L20 portable compactor

1000 litres of liquids weighs 1 tonne and costs typically £150 to dispose of through a portable waste compactor.

While we can supply fully seam welded, sealed, self cleaning, “wet waste” compactors that wont be damaged by liquids, you still pay through the nose for every tonne of liquid they hold.

This international food producer near Heathrow recently and wisely invested in 5 x new Ludden & Mennekes L20 portable compactors with raised charge boxes and fully perforated floors with drain off channels and 2 inch taps.

Ludden & Mennekes L20 portable compactor
Ludden & Mennekes L20 portable compactor

Now for every 12.5 tonne of waste he squeezes out 2000 litres = 2 tonne of liquids that are treated in his on site effluent plant.

He produces around 40 tonne of waste per day and is now saving 6.4 x £150 = £960 per day.

This saving alone will pay for all 5 x new compactors in under 4 months.

How much money could you be wasting sending liquids to disposal…?

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