Stop Pouring Money Down The Drain


Compact & Bale’s LiquiDrainer helps drinks manufacturers stop pouring money down the drain…..

A large international drinks manufacturer recently installed a new Strautmann LiquiDrainer with in-line BaleTainer that is saving them over £78,000 per annum in liquid waste disposal costs alone.

The all stainless steel machine, installed nationally by Compact & Bale Ltd, enables them to tip full bins of production waste into the machine which shreds the PET bottles open at up to 21,000 units per hour.

The liquids are fed back into the site’s effluent plant and the emptied PET bottles are automatically tied into dense 400kg bales that are sold for profit. 

As well as saving waste disposal costs and earning revenue, the system has significantly reduced labour costs, reduced site traffic and improved the company’s carbon footprint. 

The system has an expected lifespan in excess of 15 years and the client estimates that payback on the total investment will be achieved in under 18 months. 

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