Our Compactor Range: A Breakdown

In this post the range of compactors that Compact & Bale stock will be detailed and broken down, providing a better understanding of such machines and outlining the problem-solving capabilities they offer, as well as the savings and benefits they bring.

The most important ideal at Compact & Bale is the supply of the best machine for the job; it’s never just about selling products. Ultimately the selling and purchase of the wrong machine never ends well for either party.

Today’s machines are our smallest, sealed, self-cleaning, and portable compactors. Unlike standard design, portable compactors have twin cylinders positioned behind the packing blade, meaning they are prone to the regular build-up of waste within the cylinder area. Self-cleaning machines have a pendulum-type packing blade and their cylinders are mounted either side of the machine so no waste has the opportunity to build up, eliminating the need to clean the machine out.

Who typically uses compactors?
Hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, schools, waste companies, manufacturing plants, distribution centres, warehouses, and facilities of similar natures are all known to use compactors for their waste management processes.

What problems do compactors solve?
Sites using static and standard design portable compactors should routinely clean out the waste build up behind the blade (though many do not!). Waste left sitting behind the blade can give way to smells, leaks, rotting of the machine floor, frame, and cylinders. Jams limit switches and in extreme cases can cause serious and very expensive dage. This problem, however, is totally solved with our self-cleaning design!

What waste types are they suitable for?
These compactors are perfect for just about any waste type, including food waste, wet waste, offensive waste, general waste, recyclables, and more!

What are their key features?
– Pendulum compaction ram system
– No cleaning required
– Cylinders housed in upper sides of the machine
– Low oil level / high temperature results in automatic shutdown
– Various loading hopper designs for ground / dock feeding by hand, bin lift, tip skip, and more
– Fast cycle time
– Fully sealed, heavy duty design rear discharge door with safety chain/ratchet lock system