Cardboard Baling At Its Most Innovative

Baled cardboard

Behold The World’s First AutoLoading cardboard baler that automates the whole cardboard loading process and removes any requirement to flat pack material. Just fill the cart, place in to the machine, push the button and walk away.

The AutoLoad Baler sits in the approximate area of a standard vertical machine but resolves so many issues businesses encounter with baling, whilst providing a long-term significant financial saving.

Producing mill size bales, this baler can be kept close to production and its carts hold around the same volume of a 1,100 litre bin.

Below are just some of the very many questions we can ask to highlight the benefit of the AutoLoad Baler, if you can relate to any of these then we can no doubt help you:

  • Would you or your business benefit from a £60,000+ saving per site, per year?
  • Do you or your team spend many hours loading material in to balers?
  • Do you struggle to access all of the material and lose time trying to completely empty the bin or container?
  • Have you been flat packing cardboard to try and be more efficient?
  • Is your baler so big that it sits outside which means you have to endlessly walk material backwards and forwards in and out of a facility?
  • Is your current baler taking up a valuable dock that could be used to generate growth?
  • Do you need to control cross contamination between the external environment and internal production?
  • Have you calculated how much time and money you lose doing baling (and time that could be better spent developing the skills of your team and conducting more meaningful and valuable duties for the business)?
  • Have you experienced or had reports of back strain, pulled muscles, repetitive strain injury and accidents or near misses?

Ok, as this isn’t a parliamentary debate I’ll stop here with the questions but if you answered yes to any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit The AutoLoad Cardboard Balers dedicated page for more information.

To find out more information please feel free to use the numbers below, or email or alternatively, use the LiveChat function in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (desktop only).

Head Office (South): 01732 852244

Midlands: 0113 868 0431

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