Baler Consumables: What’s on Offer?

See Through Bin

The key benefit to balers is the money-saving aspect of dealing with a high quantity of waste at one time or at a consistent rate. To ensure that your baler operates smoothly and effectively, it is important to use high-quality consumables. At Compact & Bale we’ve partnered with Europe’s leading manufacturers in an effort to supply high-quality consumables that are both long-lasting and affordable.

Baling Strap
A key component to any baler is the baling strap, specifically engineered to tie heavily compressed bales easily. Our straps are made of a highly durable polystyrene, coming in varying thicknesses, lengths and strengths to suit your needs. Unlike polypropylene string, polystyrene straps are strong, lightweight, and prevent injuries and unravelling.

Galvanised 25kg Cut and Loop 3mm Wire
Rust-resistant and suitable for wet and humid environments, our Cut and Loop bale wire is the most popular choice for use on mill-size bales to securely tie off a wide variety of waste, including card, plastic, wood, fabrics, etc. Available in both 14ft and 17ft lengths and a diameter of 3mm, this wire is incredibly strong and has been tested to ensure it can withstand immense pressure. It’s no wonder why it is the go-to wire for many seasoned baling operators.

Black Annealed 25kg Cut and Loop Wire
Suitable for most vertical and horizontal balers, our black annealed wire is strong and provides greater flexibility than galvanised wire, making it easier to handle and tie off. Annealed wire is proven to be reliable, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion when stored indoors. We provide this wire in both 14ft and 17ft lengths with a range of diameters.

Plastic and Metal Bins
We offer a range of wheelie bins, these coming as plastic or metal bins, with capacities starting at 60 litre and going up to 1280 litres. Our metal bins are constructed to be strong and durable whilst remaining lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Select metal wheelie bins come with steel or plastic lids, reverse lids, or personalised graphics, whilst others have viewing windows to spot material contamination and check if the bin is full.
Our plastic bins are designed to last and can handle a variety of waste types, including glass, paper, and packaging. These are easy to move, come in a range of colours, and suit any climate, being made from high-density polystyrene using compact injection for a durable finish.


Using high-quality consumables is essential for maximising the efficiency and longevity of your baling machine. Choosing the right strap, wire, twine, or bin for your waste management needs can significantly impact your bottom line. Partnering with a trusted supplier like Compact & Bale ensures you’re using products that are durable, reliable, and designed to work seamlessly with your baler. This in turn allows you to save money by reducing downtime and minimising waste, as well as providing a safer working environment for staff. Invest in the best consumables and take your waste management to the next level.