The use of utility vehicles is becoming more common on large sites where space is of a premium, this vehicle allows various containers to be moved to central points around site.


Utility Vehicles can be of significant benefit to your operation, either directly through its multi-fuctional use or through its capability to tow trailers. Options include two, four and six seater models, making them useful for transporting goods, tools, or waste around site with benefits of a large secure rear storage area. 


These vehicles can be fitted to lift pallets from the front on forks, to plough snow or support farming activities or even tow stranded vehicles on site. They are the ultimate, multi-use asset that will really add value to many areas of your operation.

Utility Vehicles

  • - Integrated compactor with container (14m3 to 24m3)

    - Maintenance free press head

    - Oversized infeed aperture

    - Optional bin lifters

    - No permanent fixings

    - Liquid sealed version available

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