• Heat, frost, and chemical resistant
  • Supported by four wheels
  • Handles on each side designed to make moving the bins easy and comfrotable
  • Options available for forklift manoeuvrability
  • Available in grey, brown, blue, green, yellow or red


The gold standard in holding large amounts of waste, the range of 1100l wheelie bins will sell is ideal for large businesses that dispose a lot, such as offices, restaurants, and residential holdings.


These 1100 litre waste bins come in a range of different designs, from slot in lids to drop fronts. You can view the range we offer with prices below. All bins are available in any colour listed and are able to withstand extre heat, frost and chemicals. If you're looking for the solution for disposing of lots of waste, these bins can help.


  • 1100ltr Standard Lid £179.14
  • 1100ltr Slot in Lid £184.85
  • 1100ltr Standard lid + drop front £250.57
  • 1100ltr Standard lid + drop front + lockable lid  £264.50
  • 1100ltr Circular depository for cans £307.57


We are no longer selling these directly on site, so please email us for orders: consumables@compact-and-bale.com, or call our office: 01732 85 22 44

1100 Litre Wheelie Bins


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