Barrell and Drum Press Compactors reduce your barrels down to a slither of its former self and save money whilst increasing your environmental sustainability!

90% volume reduction

25 litre collection drawer

Automatic control, press and walk away

Press shield guiding ensures an equally compressed drum
25 tonne press

Easy transport with forklift
Electronic control and hydraulics integrated in chassis to save space

Protected guiding system prevents dirt access, increases lifespan
Easy access for comfortable loading

Less than 80dB noise

Small footprint and floor space requirement

Security switch to prevent opening of door

Built to CE standards, unlike our competitors equipment

Drum Press Compactors

The Strautmann Drum Press FP200 is a high quality, German built machine, designed to be safe, fast and easy to use. It compacts light metal and rolling hoop drums into small, pressed units making it the perfect solution for drum recycling. The press is fitted with four replaceable piercing spikes and an integral tray collects residual liquids for safe disposal.


Due to an extremely solid machine design (it weighs literally twice as much as some competitor machines), the FP200 is ideal for the harshest environments featuring Strautmann’s patented TopPlus system, guaranteeing a long working life and lowest lifetime costs.

Reduce your sites space requirement for barrels and drums with the FP200 drum compactor. This machine can reduce, empty and save you vast amounts of money on transport and improve revenues with the piercing and removal of contaminants and liquids. 


Suitable for light-weight barrels, steel strapped barrels, washing machine drums, beer kegs etc.

Drum Recycling with Drum Compactors

Significantly Reduce Volume & Earn More

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​​After Sales Support

Our servicing, breakdown and collection services are managed effectively through our 24 hour helpdesk.

Full ticket history, compliance and auditing requirements are met through this system, providing unrivaled support for our customers.

Certain models of our equipment can also talk remotely to our helpdesk, so we are aware of machine faults potentially before our clients!

For more information please see our helpdesk and national servicing & breakdown pages below.

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