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Baled commodities

- Cardboard  

- All Papers

- LDPE polythenes

- All other plastic films

- Mixed rigid plastics 

- PET bottles

- Metals, tins and cans

Making the right choice

The difference between a collection or managed service

At Compact and Bale we are the nationwide waste management experts that will support your organisation with increasing its environmental sustainability whilst driving down general waste costs and increasing revenue from the sale & export of recyclable materials.


We partner with collections, treatment, recycling and manufacturing facilities ensuring your waste is best utilised in line with the United Kingdom’s move to a circular economy. As experts in the design & installation of on-site compactors, balers and specialist waste equipment, we will ensure you have a cost effective and sustainable operation.


As a registered waste carrier we also provide low cost commercial waste collection services from wheelie bins, FELs to skips. 


Our waste collection services are safe, regular, reliable, and efficient.

Waste Management and Collection Services

Waste Collection Services 

Simple Solutions

Portable compactor collections

Skip compactor collections

Skips and rollonoffs

1100 litre bin collections

660 litre bin collections

240 litre bin collections

140 litre bin collections

FEL collections

REL collections

Waste management services include
  • A dedicated account manager

  • 24 hour help desk 

  • Our team are true waste experts and will help you device a strategy in line with your organisational or operational requirements

  • Setting your immediate short & medium term objectives, providing analysis, bench marking and performance updates

  • Report production that advise on diversion from landfill, incineration and confirmation of recovery and recycling rates and its positive impact on the environment (see report example above) 

  • Advising on any positive changes that can benefit the operation, labour requirements, power use, waste performance improvements and reductions in associated costs

  • Supporting with the training and the development of your operatives that handle your waste.

  • Assisting with reviewing and installing control measures on site

  • Producing submissions and supporting evidence for industry awards where our partnership has shown excellence in waste management 

Green Apple.jpg
Green Apple Awards Waste Management.jpg
National Recycling Awards 2015 Waste Col

Choosing the right options and disposing of waste efficiently can help your company save money and earn money at the same time. We have clients that have more than halved their annual waste budget that ran in to the hundreds of thousands of pounds; whilst increasing their rebates which subsequently generates an income upwards of £48,000 per annum from the sale of their cardboard bales, polythene film bales and PET, tins and aluminium can bales.


We collect approximately 10,000 tonnes of cardboard per annum saving and earning our clients an estimated £3.5m each year.


In a market dominated by waste bin collection services, we may very well have an opportunity to help you reduce your waste bill, increase sustainability and positively impact other areas of the business.


Our services are nationwide, so contact us today to see if we can help your business.


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We recover, re-use, recycle and process the below waste streams.

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