• Balers take all sorts of materials such as cardboard, polythene film, drums, and plastic

  • Front or top-loading balers take up less space than most bins

  • Range of forces from 3-58 tonnes

  • Can produce bales from 40-550kg

  • Store your bales easily on a pallet

  • Purchase outright, or lease/rent for 3 or 7 year terms

How many hours does your business lose each year dealing with waste? You may be surprised to hear that for a lot of businesses this figure can be thousands of hours annually. Typically, production staff earn their employer 4-6 their salary, but not when dealing with waste, so an efficient waste management solution is key to reducing cost and increasing efficiency for any business.

A baler acts like a high capacity dustbin, allowing you to add massive amounts of waste which it will then turn into a neat bale for you to store. Not only are vertical balers safer to use because they are either top or side loaded, baling your recycling will greatly reduce your business' carbon footprint. 

Baling some or all of your waste reduces the number of bins and skips you fill each year.

This reduces the number of collection vehicles that visit your site each year.

This reduces site traffic, local environmental impact and overall CO2 emissions.​

Vertical Baler Machines Help You Reduce Waste, Better!

Vertical Balers

Are we being too technical? don't worry, just give us a call and we will provide you with some easily understood options and a proposal with no obligations.

Safe, efficient, and reliable. Reduce your output and become more profitable by implementing a world class vertical baler to manage your waste.

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