The SVS models are a static compactor offering high performance, small dimensions and low maintenance. They compact into bespoke screw compactor containers that are exchanged when full leaving the compactor operational at all times.


The SVS comes with a choice of 11 or 15Kw motor rating, pre-full and full warnings, auto-reverse when full and direct drive geared motor. With its freely programmable PLC and central greasing system the machine is ideally suited to continuous operation. As standard the machines have continuously welded seams (which prevent corrosion) and are CE and GS approved. Particularly effective at crushing and compacting cardboard articles, one-way pallets, returned goods, dried foods and other waste materials where a measure of product destruction is required.

SVS Range

  • - Large infeed aperture

    - Ideal for continuous feeding

    - Optional bin lifters

    - Precision conical screw

    - Bespoke automated systems

    - Freely programmable PLC

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