Compaction of residual waste is becoming more and more importantdue to increasing disposal costs. Strautmann residual waste pressesreduce your disposal costs and care for more space in your bin!


Residual waste presses are used in the hotel business & gastronomy, hospitality industry, and public facilities such as schools and other social facilities. The durable presses allow a flexible indoor and outdoor installation.



The loose collection of residual waste causes high disposal costs as you don't fill the bin with its maximum potential. For example if you are paying per bin to be tipped and only filling it with 30kgs of waste, the cost per tonne is comparatively extortionate!


Save time and frustration handling waste and manually compressing waste and we have even seen customers climbing in to bins to compress the waste when their services provider has let them down on collections! Save time, space and worry with this solution.



The compaction of residual waste substantially reduces disposal costs and saves space. Previously two or more waste bins were needed now using our waste presses results in one being being enough!



This bin press is used for waste bins of 240 litre capacities.


The pressing process starts by two-hand operation after placing the container in the machine. The roll container press is equipped with fixing arms to hold the big container safely.

There is no pressure on the wheels during the pressing process because of this machines design innovations. As a result the containers retain their long life and aren't damaged through the process, unlike our competitors equipment. 


This is an excellent innovation to reduce your total waste costs or increase site waste capacity.

Wheelie Bin Compactor 240 Litres

  • - Space saving
    - Reduction of disposal costs

    - Volume reduction up to 75%
    - Less amount of work
    - Cleanliness and tidiness

    - Durable machine design
    - Galvanized pressing plate at the RC
    - No pressure on the wheels
    - Safe two-hand operation
    - Secure fixing arms for the bin whilst 
    in the machine

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