Wiser Recycling Purchases Replacement Plastic Baler After 17 Years!

Wiser Recycling Purchases Replacement Plastic Baler After 17 Years!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Wiser Recycling, the southern and midlands specialist WEEE re-use and recycling company invested in a PowerPack 1208 plastic baler for a new facility it opened last year following periods of continued growth.

This particular purchase emphasises the quality of equipment supplied by Compact and Bale, as the previous model lasted in excess of 17 years prior to needing replacement.

Wiser Recycling regularly processes thousands of tonnes of CRT/TFT monitor, TV casings and other rigid plastics which require a very industrious baler frame and press force.

The PowerPack range of industrial balers come in a variety of options but this particular model has a 70 tonne press force and is reinforced to allow it to compact the toughest materials; providing bale weights of up to 600kg.

The return on investment on such a model can be achieved within the first 12 months and due to its very long working life, represent true value for money.

Capable of baling all recyclable materials, this machine can be situated internally or externally and has additional operational and environmental benefits such as front wire tying channels, auto-opening doors, 50% power saving (compared to competitor single pump models) and dual pressure switches (for baling multiple material types).

For more information, visit our industrial plastic baler page

To find out more about Wiser Recycling, please visit them here

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