LiquiDrainer with 120 L Bin Tipper

Updated: Feb 21

This Strautmann liquidrainer with 120 litre bin tipper was fully tested in our workshops last week ahead of delivery and installation next week to a major UK airport where it will be emptying all the bottles and cans that passengers can't take through security.

LiquiDrainer Machine by Compact and Bale

The liquids will be pumped from the machine into an IBC so they can be properly disposed of.

The emptied bottles and cans will be baled and sent to be used in the manufacturing of new products.

The client will save money by not filling his compactor with liquids and packaging!

We will be delighted to have supplied a bespoke system to another high profile UK client.

Everyone wins! Recycling doesn't have to be painful 😁😁😁

If you have a waste problem, we have a solution!

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