Polystyrene Compactors

Introducing The Styropress

EPS Recycling at its finest, Insert EPS sheets, blocks and slabs of all shapes and sizes into the hopper and walk away. The Styropress is the latest innovation in polystyrene recycling and it uses compaction force only! 

The Styropress polystyrene compactor eliminates the common issues of screw type systems which overheat material and jam, resulting in costly downtime and the problem of where to store large amounts of loose EPS. The output is a dense, neat and mess free briquette weighing up to 700kg/m3. With 97% volume reduction, a large share of transport costs can be saved. 

Why Briquetters for polystyrene recycling?

Briquetters are commonly used to compact materials like Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), PET bottles, Aluminium Cans and Tetra Pak packaging into uniform briquettes that are easily handled, stored and transported. If uncompacted these materials are voluminous and very light resulting in high transportation costs. However when presented in the correct briquette format these materials are valuable commodities. The financial benefits from landfill diversion and rebates from recycling means a quick payback and ongoing returns on investment for our users.


We offer a full choice of briquetting presses from small EPS briquetters for smaller retail units right up to large, high speed, automated briquetting presses for major producers and recyclers who need high throughput and automation.

See the Styropress in action below!

Installations of Polystyrene Compactors

Download The Styropress

Polystyrene Compactor Presentation

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