The LiquiDrainer® Liquid Draining Machine

Automatic, quick and profitable emptying of filled liquid containers

The LiquiDrainer® empties filled PET bottles, TetraPak® and beverage cans. Even entire packages can be emptied. The high cost of manually opening bottles is no more. The LiquiDrainer takes over this task automatically and quickly for you by acting effectively as a bottle shredder or can shredder! The small space required and the low weight of this shredding machine enables easy maneuverability around site.


The operational process is simple: The material is thrown into the feed funnel. A rotating / shredding rotor perforates the filled material and squeezes it out. The material is drained and the liquids are separately removed and run through a coarse filter box.


The emptied material is automatically pushed out by the following material feed via a discharge chute. Then the emptied and pre-compacted material can be baled or compacted in briquetting or baling presses. Furthermore, the design of the LiquiDrainer allows for very easy cleaning and transport.

See the LiquiDrainer® in action shredding bottles!

Take a look at how the LiquiDrainer works and integrates into existing waste management systems.

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Automate and save!

Perfect for airports, manufacturers, drinks redistributors

Material Feeding Options Include Bin Tippers
"With the LiquiDrainer we now empty the bottles quickly and efficiently and bale the plastic bottles for income with the baler we’ve got on site. The machine has saved us thousands of pounds since we installed it, and has helped massively towards our environmental targets."

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