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Introducing The BaleTainer(®)

A market leading fully automated baler designed from the ground up, waste innovation at its finest!

The BaleTainer(®) is a fully automatic baling press for the compaction of paper, cardboard packaging, film and empty PET bottles.


This machine easily handles large quantities of waste with a throughput of 3-4 tonnes per hour.


The innovative BaleTainer® takes you to the next dimension of disposal technology as it truly bridges the gap from ‘manual’ to ‘conventional auto’ baler.


A manual baler is labour intensive whilst the conventional auto is limited by size and unable to accept large pieces of cardboard and boxes unless your budget is £140,000 plus.

Fully automated machines haven't changed much over the years, however the Baletainer is a completely new design and innovation.

So how can it be used?

The BaleTainer® can be loaded by hand, chute or tipper system from either ground or dock levels. Due to the large feed opening, large quantities of PET bottles and large cardboard packagings such as octabins and cardboard pallets can easily be thrown in without pre-shredding and will be scooped into the path of the rotor.

See the Baletainer(®) in action!

Take a look at the feeding options for the Baletainer.

Installations Of The Baletainer

Do you only have a small space for a baler but need an automatic?

The AutoLoad Baler

Saving up to £60,000 per site, per annum

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